mardi 24 avril 2007

De retour chez Véta / Back by Veta

Jusqu’au 8 mai, les brins de muguet sont à l’honneur chez Véta, à Paris.
(cliquez pour agrandir l’image)
Lilly of the Valley are at home, by Veta, until the 8th of May.

19, rue Oberkampf,
75011 Paris
Ouvert de 12h à 19h

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Such a unique necklace. So Spring-like and happy. The sign is elegant and stunning!

Delphine R2M a dit…

> Thank you, Constace, this is the first one, some others are in the parisian shop Veta,and I think I will soon put one on my e-shop.

Virginie Gervais-Marchal a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

First of May, I love the muguet tradition! This is divine!

Delphine R2M a dit…

> Merci Virginie!

Delphine R2M a dit…

> Tongue in cheek : and it is so intersting to work prompted by it!