lundi 7 mai 2007

18 KT

Parce qu’il faut bien le dire : Les bijoux de la Fille du Consul sont des bijoux de créateur…
Et ils ont plu à Masaoms du blog 18KT.
Joaillière espagnole, elle recense sur son blog les bijoutiers contemporains internationaux dont les créations sont plus proches du travail d’artiste que du joaillier classique, c’est un blog pointu, qui publie très régulièrement ses découvertes diverses et de grande qualité.

J’ai eu le privilège et la grande joie de voir mes bijoux présentés sur ce blog il y a quelques jours.
(cliquez sur la photo pour accéder à l’article)

A few days ago, I had the big honour to have an article about my jewels published in the blog 18KT, from Masaoms, a jeweller in Spain, she writes a very good blog about modern and contemporary international jewellers, but far away from the traditional diamante ring. She tracks artists with a real original creation, and I like the great quality of what she talks about.
This is a great privilege for me to be so close to all these great artists.

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lotusgreen a dit…

hi and thanks! if you look under the 'view' menu at the top of your browser, you will see something like 'page source.' there you can see someone's code for the page you're looking at.

for blogger, what you want is just past the word 'description' in the header. look at mine to see how to put it, only of course upload an image of your own first, and then use its url instead of mine!

Virginie Gervais-Marchal a dit…


lotusgreen a dit…

good job, girl!!

lotusgreen a dit…

oh, but i think you might want to change that . back to the name of your blog, just so it appears on the top of the window (and on your blog list on your profile).

Delphine R2M a dit…

> Thanks Lotus green! I just try, but I don't find the right solution... The point is still there, but I changed it into black, no more in white! I don't find yet how to have still the title in the profile, (the new one belongs to the picture) but without appearing on the picture... not easy! I am on the new blogger version, and it's should be not so difficult (I didn't touch to any html code, or anything like that). I'll try again tomorrow.

masaoms a dit…

Thanks for show my blog and my work too!! You're a really good artist and person!!
Best regards,

Delphine R2M a dit…

> Masaoms: Gracias, Marta!